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Welcome to research and development center «Microtopography» MSTU (Magnitogosk)!

  • Surface texture or surface topography (including microtopography).

More than 30 operating characteristics of the surface are based on microtopography options:

  • friction and wear;
  • adhesion of coatings;
  • weldability of the surfaces;
  • streamlining of fluids;
  • corrosion, adsorption;
  • wettability;
  • reflection and absorption of electromagnetic waves;
  • integrity of connections;
  • formability;

Economic effects based on proper operating characteristic, obtained in production process.


Research centre  ‘Microtopography’ was found by Professor Valery Belov in 1982.

The first decade scientific work and construction of reflectometric devices upon 10 units per year

Next decade

Experimental study in formation of a rough surface, model development of these processes

Since 2000

Steel sheet products with regulated microtopography at Iron and Steel Works

Last decade

The newest precision equipment, and applied tasks