Nowadays SRC “Microtopography MSTU” is equipped with modern instruments for measurement of surface microtopography. Among them are interference microscope Contour GTK1 by Bruker, USA, profilometer MarSurfXR20 with XT20 by Mahr, Germany, equipment package for measurement of physical and mechanical properties of materials UMT-1 by Bruker, USA and other equipment.

At SRC Microtopography NMSTU there is rolling-disruptive mill, allow as to see the transition of surface microtopography of rolls of different diameters to the sheet surface with different pressure and tension.

Also we use laser unit in order to determine stray-light emission indicatrix from roughness surfaces with three measurement mode.

At SRC Microtopography NMSTU there are range of portable equipment, allow as to measure surface parameters in production process.

All of scientific work and documentation SRC Microtopography NMSTU, including our own research, follows modern standards ISO, ASME at 3D surface microtopography and methods of their determination.