R&D Center MICROTOPOGRAPHY MSTU (Magnitogorsk State Technical University)

Central point of R&D Center “Microtopography MSTU” scientific researchesis: “Research and development of technologies for manufacturing products with given surface microtopography on basis of microtopographic description of surfaces”

Manufacturing of products with given microtopographic characteristics leads to higher cost impact on next technological conversions

Fields of industry where microtopographic researches are economically viable.

  • Rolling of thin steel sheets for pressing, deep drawing and coating (including electrochemical coating).
  • Automobile industry: R&D of technologies for producing of automobile-body sheets with given surface microtopography meant for producing of automobile bodies and other parts by pressing.
  • Hardware industry: producing of wire for electric lamps and lamps for electronic industry, microchokes etc.
  • Die-forming industry: producing of deep-drawn and thermo mechanically processed products, manufacturing of products with high-precision geometry (e.g. automobile head-lamps) etc.
  • Machine industry: producing details of friction assemblies with given equilibrium microtopography (e.g. piston seals, cylinder assemblies, ball sockets for automobiles, slipper brakes, valves for gases and liquids etc.).
  • Industries related to coating technologies: manufacturing of products meant for coatingswith high adhesive ability but with low consumption of coating material, producing of materials with brushed or glossy surfaces etc.

Researches which are held in RC “Microtopography MSTU” allow development of technologies for manufacturing steel products with given surface microtopography.